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Langtang trekking

Langtang trekking in Nepal.

Langtang trek holds the brilliant trek routes where more than 20% trekkers yearly come to discover Nepal. Trek Langtang routes located in north direction from Kathmandu valley and has easy access.

Beautiful langtang area in itself is a good choice for those trekkers who have limited time, in one week to ten days, you can visit Langtang trek. The Himalayan view overall are spectacular and the trail is quiet, so only a few trekkers are visiting there.

The Langtang National Park is perhaps the main home of Himalayan wildlife and is the best combination of many best trek routes. It is especially best walking holidays for all age people to hike. Adventure lovers can make a mountaineering holiday there as well.

Besides that, there are very popular hikes for national and international trekkers. As it is still not very popular, the number of visitors every year is very less because of less promotion. The trek Langtang grade starts with an easy to moderate difficulty. A moderate trek does not require huge knowledge, and experience as strenuous ones. Choose the best trek route suits for budget and the holiday time lime.

There are scenic hills with colorful landscapes to run soft adventure trek or easy trekking along the routes.

In addition, wild animals such as musk deer (Moschus chrysogaster) and Himalayan Tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus), Himalayan black beer (selenarctos thibetanus), snow leopard (panthera uncia), wild god (cuon alpinus), ghoral (Nemorhedus goral) serow (capricornis sumantrenis) and more than 250 species of birds can be seen. The park is also renowned for its population of red panda animal.

Langtang trek weather

Check the weather forecast before you go. If you are planning your trip in spring seasons such as in March/April/May, you will have the best weather with wildflowers and clear skies with sunny days. Travel in Late June/July/August stays monsoon time in Nepal, so we don’t recommend the travelers to visit there.

Likewise, trekking in Langtang in September/October/November stays best weather with blue sky and the sun shining. In addition, trek in winter such as December/January/February weather stays cold and freezing however the days are sun shining and clear skies.

Langtang valley trek

Langtang valley trek

  1. 3,800m
  2. 10 Days
    • Easy

Langtang valley trek lies on the noth side from the capital Kathamndu city. Trek conducts after a scenic but adventure drive to Syabrubensi.

Trek langtang 7 days is very famous among other routes. Langtang trek leads through the lower elevation to the upper part until Kyangin Gomba..Read More

Langtang and Gosaikunda trek

Gosaikunda trek

  1. 4330m
  2. 7 Days
    • Moderate

Gosaikunda Pilgrimage trek offer an opportunity to explore the rocky mountains and Lauribina la to experience the pristine valley and diverse in culture.

Hike to langtang combine with gosaikunda trek is most popular route in Langtang region. We stay at local guest houses on this Gosaikunda trekkingRead More

Tamang heritage trail trek

Tamang heritage trek

  1. 3,210m
  2. 11 Days
    • Easy

Tamang heritage trekking is new promoted trek route located north from Kathmandu town. Visit tamang heritage trail and experience the culture of tamang ethnic groups is the main target.

Trekking along this unbeaten trail is a new experience for the trekkers experiencing the beauty of this mountain region with the culture of local people. During your trekking, you will see the typical culture..Read More

Ganjala Pass trek

  1. 5360m
  2. 12 Days
    • Adventure

Ganjala is listed under the top adventure trek in Langtang region in Nepal. Hike ganjalapass trek lies over 5,160 meters above sea on stays on the lap of langtang mountain range.

Visit ganjala pass takes you over this pass as you make your way south from Langtang village.. Read More

Luribinala pass trek

Luribinala pass trek

  1. 4630m
  2. 10 Days
    • Moderate

Luribinala pass trek is very popular in resent years. Hike to lauribinala walking over the rocky mountains and Himalayan hills and take a ritual bath on Gosaikunda lake.

Moreover, you can discover the brilliant landscapes from Suryakunda pass 4,630 meters before heading downhill to Ghopte and further to Helambu region. Read More


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