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GAI JATRA (August)

20th August is the day when Nepal embraces the reality of life and death with humor. People grieving the loss of their dear ones gather together and go for a procession on street dressed like cow and other comical characters. This binds people and makes them see that no one is immune to pain and sorrow in life and everyone must take reality of life and death into their stride. Ancient history has it that a queen after the death of her son went into depression. King wanted to get his queen out of her sorrow and so he introduced a festival called Gai jatra where bereaved families were presented before the queen. This made the queen realize that so many other people were also in the similar pain like hers and despite that people went on with their lives holding on to the memories of their lost ones. This helped her ease her pain. People on this day can make satirical comments at any one even the government. Street dramas are organized criticizing renowned public figures and government system. Several newspaper and magazines publish satirical articles. But on this day everyone is forgiven.